1 Ottobre 2022

How did the idea of ​​creating Sprayke come about?

Sprayke is a brand that is making its way among the many competitors on the world market. The difference lies in the quality of the product and its realization.

Every single product, unlike what happens in many companies, is entirely created at Siliconi Spa di Vicenza, headquarters where the idea was born.

Siliconi Spa is an Italian company founded in 1957 that produces technical sprays, silicone additives, defoamers, silicones. A company that is committed to using sustainable energy and that thanks to its sensitivity to the environment returns biodegradable products. It is from this passion for nature that the passion for cycling was also born, a direct contact with the environment that surrounds us.

We asked Michele Cereda a few questions, the sales manager appointed by Siliconi Spa to follow the development of the entire Sprayke line.

Where did the idea of ​​Sprayke come from?

It was born from the passion for the bicycle of the owner of Siliconi Commerciale S.p.a. owner of the Sprayke brand. We had all the experience (over 65 years) in making professional silicone industrial products, aerosols and additives, with an internal laboratory for development.

The idea was born at the table, during a long tour with old friends. Between a coffee and some “chat” the idea of ​​this tough challenge was born.
Often the products of the big brands are sold to external laboratories for production, behind a brand there is always 80% of marketing and little research and development. We want to be different. The experience is there, the means available too, so why not make a product made in Italy (home of cycling) by a passionate bicycle lover?

And then Sprayke was born with great satisfaction.

Who is the Sprayke line dedicated to?

The Sprayke product line is dedicated to all those who love cycling and want to take care of it with quality, Italian and eco-sustainable products.

How important is eco-sustainability?

It is essential in the study of products and in the research of raw materials, all products are put into production only after careful evaluation of the raw materials to be used and their sustainability.

Even the energy used for production comes for 80% from solar panels.

Is there an anecdote you want to tell us?

Yes, last year in Finale Ligure, on the occasion of the EWS, I gave Sprayke equipment to a French rider from Team Bleugrasse.

The French Rider was actually also a journalist of the specialized magazine Velo Tout Terrain who in an article dedicated to chain lubrication elected our basic lubricant Cere Lube1 as the best product.

Which product do you think is the top of the Sprayke house?

There are many but if I have to indicate one it is definitely the Lube1

What should never be missing in a workshop or a cyclist’s garage?

Super Cleaner for washing the bicycle, Lube1 for the specific lubrication of the Chain and Pk Sprayke multipurpose lubricant for all maintenance work.

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