1 Marzo 2022

Seven tips for disc brake maintenance

Whether you are a biker, a road cycling lover or a gravel cycling enthusiast then you will surely have to deal with disc brakes.

Technology has now cleared us this braking system even on the latest models of road bicycles, a prerogative until a few years ago of bicycles defined as “endurance”.

The disc brake, however, unlike the classic rim brake, has higher maintenance costs. We are in fact obliged, for those who are not very familiar with tools, to take our very special to a specialized mechanic.

How to extend the life of the disc brakes of our bicycle?

We can follow these practical tips and use a specific product for cleaning the brakes such as our Pulifren.

Pulifren is a detergent specially designed for the maintenance of disc brakes, of any type of bicycle, including e-bikes. Having a clean brake, eliminating accumulated residues, helps to extend the life of both the pads and the brake disc, with a considerable advantage both from an economic and safety point of view.

Many underestimate the cleanliness of disc brakes, focusing solely on the frame and dedicating themselves to regular maintenance of the chain and moving parts. During cleaning, residues of dirt and any lubricants can further accumulate on the brakes and pads, compromising the effectiveness of braking.

Once the bicycle is cleaned, we will go and dedicate a few minutes of our time to cleaning the bicycle’s disc brakes. A quick and easy operation that, if done regularly, can save us money.

Seven basic rules for cleaning your bicycle’s disc brakes.

  • Unhook the wheels and place them on a table
  • Use Pulifren on the disc and on the pads, leaving it to act for a few minutes.
  • Use a dry cloth to remove dirt residue from the brakes and brake pads
  • If your braking system is hydraulic, do not press on the brake controls, this will avoid locking the brake in the closed position.
  • Use a compressor (if you have one) to make drying and debris removal more effective
  • Refit the wheels
  • Take a test ride trying to pinch with both the front and rear brakes to re-seat the pads before your ride.

The operation described above can also be performed with the wheel mounted.

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