29 Ottobre 2022

10 reasons why you should ride a bike.

Surely each of us will have had the fateful question at least once in our cycling career: But what drives you to ride a bicycle?

We at Sprayke, passionate cyclists, asked ourselves just that.

Together with all the members of our team we have drawn up a series of reasons that could inspire even those who have never tried to pedal.

  1. You lose weight, with a couple of hours of intense pedaling you can consume more than a thousand calories.
  2. It’s good for the heart, pedaling regularly reduces the risk of heart attacks, improves blood pressure and fights so-called “bad” cholesterol
  3. Makes you happy: cycling releases endorphins. These are emanated from the brain when a certain threshold of effort is exceeded during a very intense activity. They have a powerful analgesic and exciting activity to quell the possible pain caused during physical activity.
  4. It is not harmful to the joints. Knees and ankles are not stressed as in running and therefore do not suffer from possible inflammation, as long as you have a good position in the saddle.
  5. New friends: The bike despite being an individual sport helps to socialize through group outings. There are cycle clubs that organize rides or social competitions, they are certainly a good way to expand our circle of friends.
  6. Competition. It is not necessary to compete with other people, the continuous testing of one’s skills helps us in life to overcome difficulties. Improving the average distance of a lap or a climb can give you a lot of satisfaction and makes us move the bar to a higher level.
  7. Pedaling is a solitary journey with our self, a workshop of ideas. There are artists and famous people who pedal in search of inspiration.
  8. We reach wonderful places. It is very difficult for there to be no place in the heart among the destinations that can be reached by racing bike or mtb ..
  9. Your hours of silence. No phone, no chores, just you and the bike. What more do you want? Taking your time by completely unplugging is priceless.
  10. The bicycle as an object. Yes, because the eye also wants its part. The bike is the toy of us adults, having the latest carbon model and admiring it sitting at the bar while having a coffee boasting with friends is always a pleasure and a source of pride.
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