10 Aprile 2022

Bike washing: here are the six mistakes to avoid.

Often, after a long ride, we avoid cleaning our bicycle by making a serious mistake. Dirt, mud, dust can be potential enemies that over time contribute to premature wear of components.

Greater wear is equivalent to a more frequent change of components, with an increase in costs.

But what are the six mistakes to absolutely avoid when washing our specialissima?

  • Use strong water pressure for washing. The bearings and some seals of our road bike or mtb can be moved and damaged if in direct contact with strong water pressure. It must always be borne in mind that in some parts of the bicycle such as for example in the wheel hubs, or in other wheels, there are dust seals that protect against bad weather. A simple water barrel can therefore be ideal for washing operations.
  • Rarely wash your bike. Washing the bicycle at least once every fortnight, based on the state of the vehicle, must be a recurring practice. Cleaning your bicycle must not only be a good habit that allows us to protect the wear of the components, but it is also a way to check the health of your vehicle. Only with careful washing can we check and notice any damage to the frame or other parts of the bicycle.
  • Compressed air. Although mechanics of professional cycling teams often use it, it is not the best way to dry the bike. It is certainly more comfortable and faster, but we must take into account that we always have a high air jet pressure which can cause damage especially where there are bearings and seals. Secondly, the compressor air is impregnated with oily condensate which can nullify the cleaning work carried out. Always remember that in pro teams the mechanics always have little time available and many spare parts.
  • Using inappropriate products. Often, to save money, we consider the use of degreasers for washing dishes at home. Nothing could be more wrong. Some products, just to degrease effectively, are aggressive. Gaskets, paint and frame, could over time and a repeated use of detergents not designed for this specific purpose could irreparably ruin our bicycle.
  • Use the wrong lubricants. Incorrectly, products are used which have no ability to lubricate as they are not specifically designed for this purpose, such as the various release agents on the market. A specific release agent, just as the word itself says, has an action that allows, thanks to its chemical properties, to release a pedal or other components that are now seized by time and dirt. A lubricant, on the other hand, has the ultimate goal of ensuring a certain smoothness and less wear of the moving parts. Sprayke con Pk wanted to give a double functionality to a versatile product: non-aggressive release and lubricant, ideal for our very special.
  • Use non-eco friendly products. Our commitment can lead to an improvement of the environment, a small contribution within everyone’s reach. Thanks to their properties, eco-friendly products do not pollute the surrounding environment. Be careful when purchasing.
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