4 Novembre 2022

Can ebike and car wash go together? Here’s what we think.

We often see cyclists washing their e-bikes at the car wash after a long day of fun with friends.

But is it correct or are there any contraindications that can irreparably damage the bicycle?

Well, it can be done but with due care.

Here are some of our tips that may be useful to you.

One of the first suggestions we give you is to not direct the lance directly towards the seals and electrical parts of your ebike.

Seals are gaskets that protect the delicate internal elements of the bicycle. They can be found for example in the bottom bracket, in the headset, in the forks and in the wheel hubs.

The very high pressure of the water that escapes could damage the bicycle. A further precaution is to keep a safe distance while washing the bike in order to reduce the pressure exerted.

Ebike battery, better to remove it during washing?

A very serious mistake we often see is not removing the battery. In fact, let us remember that the accumulator does not have a watertight seal such as to withstand the high pressures generated by water. However, if we wash the bicycle with a non-pressurized jet of water, in this case you can also leave it attached as long as you do not insist a lot with the water.

After washing, it would be advisable to “treat” the contacts with a specific product such as Pulisil, ideal for cleaning the contacts while preserving their effectiveness over time.

And what about the ebike engine?

Also in this case it is necessary to keep a safe distance with the car wash lance, avoiding compromising any seals and the life of the engine itself.

If you are at home, a damp cloth such as the one used in the kitchen could be ideal for removing excess dirt from the outside where the motor rests.

Which products are best to use to clean an ebike?

Our advice is to use Super Cleaner combined with the Foam Pump. In this way, a layer of degreasing active foam will be formed to be subsequently rinsed with water.

Once dry, Pulifren can be used by actively acting on the residues of the brake pads.

And finally, an eye on all the contacts on the ebike.

As we said earlier Pulisil is the ideal product. It not only cleans all contacts but also has a water-repellent and anti-oxidant action, very useful if you do not want to compromise the efficiency of the bicycle.

Contact oxidation is more frequent if the hardness of the water with which we wash the bicycle is greater.

Dry the bike: Cloth or compressor?

A home compressor is an excellent way to dry the bicycle, always paying attention not to push the water inside the oil seals in the fork area. The classic cloth is still the best way to dry, even if it definitely takes longer to finish the job.

Is it better to disconnect the battery after cleaning?

No, it is not necessary, just as it is not necessary to completely drain the battery before recharging it. The batteries of the e-bike have no “memory” and consequently can be recharged even if they are not 100% discharged.

What tips to make batteries last longer.

The ebike battery, despite being an easily available spare part, is still very expensive, so better preserve it.

Here are some tips to increase ebike battery life.

  1. Do not leave the battery discharged and unused for long periods.
  2. Do not always use the battery in very low temperatures (below or close to 0 °)
  3. Do not wash the battery under running water or by immersing it in water.
  4. Always charge the battery and leave it in a dry place avoiding very humid cellars.
  5. Always use its original charger.
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