25 Aprile 2022

How can we clean the disc brakes on our bicycle?

The cleaning of disc brakes is very often underestimated during the routine maintenance of our bicycle.

Proper cleaning of pads and disc brakes, on any type of bicycle, can make the difference during a long and dangerous descent.

Not only a more effective and modular braking, but also a longer duration of the braking system itself.

Pulifren in fact preserves both the brake pads and the brake discs, eliminating all the residues that form both on the braking track and on the pads, giving it a second youth.

A quick spray of Pulifren on the brake caliper is enough to remove all traces and residues of dirt.

The operation is very simple and fast, as explained in the video below. Simply apply the product to the brake caliper, leave it on for a few seconds and remove excess dirt with a dry cloth.

We remind you that to clean the brake discs with Pulifren it is not necessary to remove the wheels. A trivial and simple operation that can still waste further time.

Our products have been created to be used quickly and easily, transforming what could be a boring job into a fun experience of just a few minutes.

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