4 Agosto 2022

How to choose the right bike for you?

Over the years we have acquired some experience in understanding which type of bicycle could suit each person.

We have identified several categories of bicycles that may suit you:

  • Aero racing bike
  • Triathlon racing bike
  • Endurance racing bike
  • MTB Enduro
  • Mtb Allmountain
  • Mtb dh
  • Mtb Xc / marathon

So if you are a novice and you do not know which type of bicycle to choose, then follow our advice.

Road bike

The racing bicycle is suitable for those who want to travel many kilometers on the road reaching the highest peaks. Generally, two types of bicycles can be distinguished.

A more racing defined aero. It is heavier and stiffer, suitable for those who love to ride on flat or hilly routes. The particular shape of the bicycle is specially designed to give a certain speed of travel. It is equipped with medium / high profile carbon wheels and is equipped with a rigid frame, characteristics that therefore make it more nervous and snappy.


It is a comfortable and light bicycle suitable for those who want to grind kilometers with a lot of elevation gain. Equipped with 28 tires or tubeless tires and a medium-low profile rim. The ideal choice for those who want to spend hours in the saddle with friends.


They are time trial bikes but with slightly different geometries. Specially designed for those who compete in no draft triathlon competitions (in the absence of a wake) such as ironman. They are equipped with aerodynamic appendages that can contain liquids for hydration or energy bars. They are quite heavy and have a fully forward position on the saddle which favors thrust while pedaling.


If you love being in the middle of nature, enjoying the view around you and you are not a fanatic of high speeds then this is the right vehicle for you. But be careful, there are different categories of mtb.

Xc / Marathon

These are bikes that do not have a large shock travel. They can be front (cushioned only in front) or full (cushioned in front and back). In the more expensive and performing models you can safely stay below 10 kg in weight.


It is the bike suitable for the toughest routes and great bumpy descents. They are full suspension and have a very high shock absorber excursion to better absorb roughness. Generally they are used in the bike parks scattered in the most important world ski resorts. They are bicycles that do not like climbing as the shape of the frame and the weight of the vehicle make them rather difficult to carry on the steepest climbs. It is the bike that loves adrenaline.

Down hill (dh)

It is a bicycle very similar to the enduro one but with even more extreme shock absorbers. The wagon is even more open, they are very heavy and have very resistant tires. Their battlefield is the descent, the ultimate goal is to attack the time that separates it from the arrival as quickly as possible. The natural habitat is the extreme bike park.

All mountain

It is a mountain bike that, as the word itself says, is suitable for all types of routes but does not excel in any one. It can be used safely to tackle a nice steep climb on a marathon course and at the same time it does not mind a technical descent suitable for enduro. It is the bicycle suitable for those who love mountain biking at 360 °


More than a fashion it has become a real reality. It is a bicycle very similar to the cyclocross one but with a more “relaxed” frame with less thrust geometries. It can accommodate generously sized tires and in some models there are attachments designed for mounting specific bags. It is the bicycle suitable for those who love to go both on and off-road. Its natural habitat is the dirt roads and the very long journeys.

Lately gravel races are spreading with routes of 300/400 km to be tackled over several days. Precisely for this reason it is the bicycle that winks at those who love to spend their holidays on a bicycle.

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