14 Maggio 2022

How to clean cycling shoes

Precisely because of the sometimes very high costs and the importance of this accessory, we must dedicate a few minutes of our time to proper maintenance and cleaning, perhaps sanitizing the shoe completely.

The first thing to absolutely avoid is washing our cycling shoe in the washing machine. A wet cloth or a splash of our Pulitel active foam is all it takes to sanitize and clean cycling shoes, even on the inside.

We avoid putting wet shoes near a heat source as they could be irreparably damaged.

Same treatment for mtb shoes, more accustomed to mud and dust especially if we are used to using them in winter or autumn when mud is king.

In this specific case, just use a damp sponge once again to remove all the excess mud. Particular attention should be paid to the sole in the area where the cleat is placed, a very delicate point where more dirt accumulates.

With a screwdriver we will remove the excess mud trapped in the cleat, then with our Pulisuper active foam we will finely clean the upper and the sole of our shoe, sanitizing everything quickly and easily.

It takes a very short time, a quick spray of our Pulisuper active foam, both externally and internally to the shoe and then let it all work for a few minutes.

Active foam removes excess dirt and leaves the shoe perfectly clean.

Pulisuper is the detergent suitable for every type of bicycle, specially created for those who have little time available and want to achieve excellent results without using water.

In a few minutes, in a fast, simple and fun way, we will be able to clean shoes, bicycles and much more with a single product.

Here are the two things not to do absolutely when cleaning cycling shoes:

  • Wash your cycling shoes in the washing machine
  • Dry cycling shoes near a heat source
  • underestimate cleaning and maintenance

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