28 Marzo 2022

How to clean your bike with active foam

Active foam is a product created for washing cars. Its success lies precisely in the fact that thanks to the active ingredients present in the foam, optimal results can be obtained in a short time and with little effort. Just let it act on your car for a few minutes.

From this revolutionary principle that has obtained more and more success Sprayke wanted to create a product to be used on both racing and mtb bicycles, where dirt can sometimes be really insidious.

Carbon is the most used material for medium and high range frames, finished very often with matt colors that give a touch of exclusivity to your bicycle. This combination, however, needs special attention during washing and ordinary maintenance. Using a product that is too aggressive can damage the material and paint of your bicycle, ruining it.

Sprayke has put on the market, precisely to meet these particular needs, Pulisuper, an active foam suitable for bicycles that does not damage opaque paints. Not only that, Pulisuper active foam is ideal for cleaning bicycles in carbon, aluminum, steel or titanium, chromed metal or painted steel.

A delicate product but at the same time effective against all types of dirt, even the most stubborn and difficult. Its particular composition allows not only to clean the bicycle but also to protect it from atmospheric agents and mineral salts.

Pulisuper active foam can also be used to polish your frame giving it a particular shine.

How to use active foam for cycling?

  • Shake the 400 ml can well, spray and spread the foam evenly in the areas to be cleaned.
  • Once the active foam has taken on a greater consistency wait a few minutes letting it act on the frame and then wipe with a dry cloth to remove the foam and dirt.
  • Pulisuper active foam does not require rinsing, a plus that saves time and precious resources.

With climate change underway and an increasingly marked drought in our area, any kind of foresight can help the surrounding environment, so dear to all of us cycling enthusiasts.

Pulisuper is also a biodegradable and environmentally friendly product in line with the philosophy adopted by Sprayke.

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