20 Novembre 2022

How to regain the desire to pedal?

It happens to everyone, sooner or later, to lose the desire to pedal. It comes when you least expect it and can be due to several external causes.

How can we find the motivation that drives us to grind kilometers?

First of all, what drives us to pedal is the expression of the reasons that lead a person to do something. Motivation without a clear goal or goals is very difficult to keep alive over time.

Search for a goal

We seek within ourselves the reason that drove us to pedal. If before our motivation was given by the pursuit of a goal such as maintaining a good state of health, we could find a new one such as a competition or reach a pre-set annual mileage.

Friends with the same passion

There are many cycling groups, we can find them in every city or town. Find out on the internet or get advice on which one is closest to your area. Joining a group of amateurs, making group outings helps keep motivation high and also the competitive spirit. In an instant you will find yourself wanting to get to the top of the hill faster.

Treat yourself to something new

It may seem trivial, but when we have a particularly negative period and we don’t want to get on our beloved bicycle, a new pair of shoes or a new item of clothing could ignite the right spark.

Cross Training

Reduce your sporting activity on a racing bike in favor of a complementary sport such as running, swimming, crossfit or the gym. This way you can maintain your fitness once you decide to resume your cycling activity at 100%

Get lost

Experience cycling not from the point of view of performance but from the experience. Get lost on your bike rides and look for new roads, visit new places and use the bicycle as a means of transport. Discovering new places every day could be a good way to get back on your bike every day.

Try new types of bicycles

Not only road bikes, try the Mtb too. If the road bores you, rent a bicycle with fat wheels and take the first path. Perhaps road cycling is no longer for you and you can continue cycling in new places, with new goals and new challenges surrounded by nature.

Decrease your training sessions

If you are used to pedaling five days a week, decrease the sessions. Reduce to three or two sessions perhaps by associating it with spinning sessions. Perhaps you simply need to lessen your workload and are losing sight of cycling as pure fun and entertainment.

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