29 Giugno 2022

Mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes, which one to choose?

If your need is to switch from a bicycle with traditional brakes to one with disc brakes by changing only the frame then it could be a much cheaper and easier choice to implement.

The mechanical disc brake is the first equipment that we can find on new entry level bicycles, precisely because of its economy.

First of all, to switch to a mechanical disc brake you do not have to replace the controls, but we can safely use the existing ones on our old bicycle, as this type of disc brakes are controlled by the same cable that controls the traditional caliper brakes. But beware, the braking differences exist and we explain what they are.

Braking differences

The mechanical disc system is certainly more effective than the traditional brake, especially in rainy conditions, the practicality of this model lies in the ease of maintenance. Being controlled by the same wire that implements the skid system, it does not need to be purged and topped up with oil. The pads are adjusted by means of two Allen screws (in double-piston systems) in the caliper which are used to bring the pad closer when it wears out.

The only component that we will need for the upgrade are the brake calipers that we can easily find on the market both in the fully mechanical and hybrid option, or with the double cable and oil system, slightly heavier but much more effective when braking. Another advice that should not be underestimated is to replace the brake linings with those of the Jagwire brand with a Teflon interior and reinforced on the outside with a metal braid. It may seem trivial but these sheaths are specifically designed for mechanical disc brakes, effectively solving the problem of force dispersion due to cable pulling.

The hydraulic brake disc has a completely different feel. Braking is softer and more modular, so much so that the resulting sensation is that of greater stability of the vehicle. On the other hand, to mount this type of brake we also have to replace the controls, a rather important expense.

The benefits will be better braking, a greater feeling of safety and less effort to brake, a benefit for those with small hands.

In order to meet the growing need for a paradigm change aimed at the use of disc brakes, Sprayke introduced Pulifren on the market.

Pulifren is a particular detergent that allows you to increase the performance of disc brakes by cleaning them effectively and increasing the duration of the brakes.

Pulifren can be used on both mechanical and hydraulic disc brakes, suitable for all types of bicycles and expressly recommended in all those particularly heavy uses such as the xc and gravity discipline.

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