15 Gennaio 2023

We support Pietro Franzese in raising funds for the environment

Less plastic.

This is our claim chosen to accompany Pietro Franzese on his personal journey of 6000 km and 25,000 meters in altitude that separate San Francisco from Miami.

Pietro’s goal is to raise funds in support of the Plastic Free association.

During the trip Pietro Franzese and Emiliano Fava will document their adventure and the use of plastic in the USA with video images and photos which, according to the data in hand, is the country that has the highest per capita use of plastic, especially disposable, in the world .

Italy also contributes negatively to plastic pollution: it is in fact the second country that consumes the most in Europe and Italians are the largest consumers of bottled mineral water in the world.

Franzese and Fava will leave for the USA on January 16, but their shipment will be anticipated, on Saturday January 14, at 10, by a ride of about 50 km from the Darsena, in the center of Milan, to Malpensa Airport along the Naviglio cycle path Great. A protected route away from traffic: an opportunity to launch fundraising and collect the waste that will be encountered along the way. To participate, simply go to the website www.plasticfreeonlus.it and, once you have identified the appointment form in the “events” section, register by clicking on “participate”. It is advisable to wear protective gloves and “waste collector” pliers. Bags will be provided.

“Traveling by bicycle is one of the most sustainable ways that exist to discover the world and its beauties. But the environment is highly compromised by plastic pollution. This is why we have chosen during our journey to support Plastic Free through a fundraiser that will support their projects in Italy and around the world and by using our Instagram profiles and YouTube channels to contribute to the important dissemination work that the association carries out every day”, tell Franzese and Fava

Pietro and Emiliano will travel using two gravel bicycles and in total self-sufficiency: they will not receive external help or technical support, they will mainly use the tent to sleep and the gas stove to cook.

“This method of travel will not only allow us to travel on a budget, but also to savor moments of true freedom; for example we will not be bound to find accommodation for the night and we will be able, for example, to decide how to best manage our strength during the hours of light that we will have available for pedaling”.

Fundraising for Plastic Free Onlus

The money donated on the GoFundMe platform will be entirely donated to Plastic Free, an Italian association that since 2019 has been involved through its network of volunteers in the creation of clean-up appointments, sea turtle rescue, awareness raising in schools and the transformation of Municipalities into Plastic Free.

Plastic Free also supports various projects, one of these, chosen by “2 Italians Across the US” as the recipient of the funds raised, is linked to the protection of the Mida Creek nature reserve in Kenya thanks to the collaboration with the Sasa Rafiki association.

Thanks to the Plastic Free project, plastic is collected by the local inhabitants and taken to special centers for proper disposal, thus preventing it from being burned or buried.

With the support derived from the donations of “2 Italians Across the Us” it will be possible to continue waste collection and provide the local population with plastic collection baskets, strengthening the awareness mission.

Radio 105 is the official radio of the initiative and will tell the journey of “2 Italians Across the US” through its digital and social channels.

Sprayke has always been committed to protecting the environment. The production unit based in Gambellara (VI) is served by photovoltaic systems that supply 80% of the renewable energy the company needs, reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

To reduce plastic waste, we have put various refills on the market, including the one specially made for Super Cleaner. The 5lt refill, as well as being cheaper than the dispenser pack, can in fact fill it six times with considerable savings in terms of plastic.

Precisely for this precise reason we believe in raising awareness for the protection of the environment by actively supporting the “2 Italians Across the US” journey.

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