13 Giugno 2022

What are the benefits of cycling?

World bicycle day was celebrated on 3 June, one of the main reasons why this particular event was introduced is to bring people closer to using this fantastic and ecological means of transport.

We at Sprayke, always attentive to environmental sustainability and great cycling enthusiasts, have found 10 good reasons to ride a bicycle.

It does not pollute.

Using the bicycle for small daily trips we will help the health of our planet. By not burning fossil fuels, we will avoid dispersing carbon monoxide into the environment, which is harmful to both our health and the ozone layer.

It is economical.

We are often scandalized by the high costs of some models of bicycles, but let’s not forget that it is a means of transport suitable for all types of pockets. There are bicycles for a few hundred euros that can easily be used for short trips, without having to buy very light and high-performance models. For those who do not have competitive ambitions even in the used sector, you can do good deals.

Give happiness.

It reduces stress and is an excellent remedy for depression. Engaging in a sport, especially if not competitive, favors the release of beneficial substances for our mood: endorphins. Cycling as well as running are among the sports that release it the most.

Weight control.

Doing low-intensity cardiac activity helps burn the fats present in our body. In fact, if practiced consistently, cycling is able to activate the metabolism to consume more energy. Combined with a balanced and healthy diet, it is ideal for those who want to lose weight.

It’s good for the heart.

Being a sporting activity that uses the cardio circulatory system a lot, we will train the heart. The heart muscle will become stronger and more resilient affecting the heart rate and pressure which will drop as a result, all to the benefit of perceived fatigue.

Capillaries and circulation. Thanks to the sporting activity that the bicycle gives us, we will also improve the venous and lymphatic circulation of the lower limbs, preventing the classic swelling of the legs.


Cycling, along with swimming, is one of the sports that is often recommended after an injury such as a meniscus tear or tear. The position we take while pedaling is particularly favorable to our joints. More than 50% of our body weight, as stated on the website of the Veronesi Foundation, is unloaded directly on the saddle, without stressing the knees, thighs and ankles. Therefore, thanks to this position we will be able to regain our muscles lost from the post-operative hospitalization.

It is educational.

Engaging in a sport like cycling means embarking on a real path based on discipline and constancy. When we start pedaling we will need new goals and new challenges such as increasing the average speed or the mileage covered. To achieve our goals, however, we will have to persevere with training.

Meet new people.

It is true, cycling is a highly individual sport, but over time you will realize that on the road you will find many people like you who love this sport. We will then meet new passionate people for unforgettable trips.

New goals, new motivations. Cycling is never boring.

As we said earlier it is very easy to fall in love with this wonderful sport. Every time we go out on a bicycle we will try to move the bar higher and higher. We start slowly, and then increase the number of kilometers traveled, or, for example, if we have a predetermined route, we will try to finish it as quickly as possible. A new challenge at each outing, a completed training session at each challenge, a chain not to be interrupted if we want to improve performance. Or, if we don’t like to compete with ourselves, we can simply abandon ourselves to the beauty of a landscape surrounded by unspoiled nature and breathe deeply. We will certainly return home richer, happier and healthier.

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