8 Maggio 2022

What are the benefits of lacticating a bicycle tire?

The latexization of bicycle rubber is the operation that allows you to eliminate the inner tube from the tire.

The first bicycles that took advantage of this important innovation were Mtb. Later, in more recent times, and thanks also to the use of this system by professionals, it has also entered the world of racing bicycles, becoming more and more a standard.

If we talk exclusively about the MTB sector, on the other hand, we will be able to notice, by taking a quick tour of the world cup paddocks, how 100% of athletes have now been using this type of solution for several years now, a system that still finds some mistrust among less amateurs. evolved.

But what are the real advantages of a latex rubber?

  • Lower weight on the rotating mass. A no small measure that will benefit the smoothness of the bicycle and driveability.
  • Possibility of inflating the tire to a lower pressure. This is especially true for MTB, gravel or cyclocross bikes which can benefit from greater grip in particularly muddy terrain.
  • Instant repair of any punctures. When the latex comes into contact with the outside air, it solidifies and immediately plugs the hole. A truly revolutionary system that therefore allows you not to have to stop and repair the inner tube or replace it.

Sprayke makes available in its line of products Latex 1, a latex for professional use that has been used for several years also by the UCI Ktm Protek Elettrosystem mtb team. Latex 1 is first of all Eco Friendly and, another very important feature, it does not contain ammonia.

Ammonia is an aggressive element present in most latexes on the market which can, in case of contact with clothing, irreparably stain them.

Latex 1 is also available in the 5 Lt version, specially designed for teams and cycle workshops.

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