27 Maggio 2022

What to bring a bicycle trip

With the arrival of summer, more and more cycling enthusiasts are considering a trip or vacation in the company of their bicycle.

Gravel, road or mtb, it doesn’t matter, just equip it with everything you need to cover many kilometers in peace and safety.

How to get organized then?

It all depends on the mileage to be covered and the type of trip we want to make. We can opt for fixed stages with overnight stays in the hotel, or rely only on our desire to pedal and equip ourselves with a simple tent and a light sleeping bag, resting without time constraints. Obviously the second option will be much more adventurous but it will also involve more weight to carry with us on the bike and greater risks on the path.

The accurate study of the journey is very useful, carefully planning the route with the travel times and the stops dedicated to sleep and food.

What to bring on a bicycle trip.

First of all we have to equip our bicycle with bags specially designed for bikepacking, waterproof, capacious and resistant. There are many on the market, even made to measure.

Two of the best brands on the market are Miss Grape and Apidura as regards standard bags, while if we want to have the non plus ultra made to measure, specially made for the frame of our bicycle Rusjan is the one for us.

What to put in our luggage for a bicycle trip?

Obviously, always taking into consideration the type of “environment” we are going to face, the number of days and the climate of the place, a good travel kit must contain:

  • Portable pump. If we are gramomaniacs, CO2 cans with a special dispenser and tire repair kit. A couple of tubes and a tire would be ideal for traveling safely.
  • Multitool tool. There are many on the market and of various prices.
  • First aid kit, absolutely necessary.
  • Two or three changes of technical clothes, depending on the duration of the trip.
  • Battery charger, solar if we sleep in a tent.
  • Water repellent for clothes. Useful in case of rain.
  • Electrician cable ties
  • Transmission lubricant
  • Spare chain links
  • Food supplements to eat when needed. Not bulky and light.
  • gps or phone

The list concerns the basic necessities that absolutely must not be missing. It all also depends on the type of overnight stay, whether we choose to sleep in a hotel or in a tent. Obviously, if we choose to stay overnight in a hotel and the route studied includes stops in the city, the material to bring will be less.

In case of serious mechanical mishaps we can therefore always rely on a local bike workshop.

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