15 Marzo 2022

Why is it better to choose a lubrificant with ptfe

In the world of cycling, technology is increasingly expanding. Companies such as Sprayke entrust their products to national athletes to test their effectiveness by making improvements.

Every single improvement can lead to what the professional team on the road Sky called “marginal gain”.

What is marginal gain?

The marginal gain is a small improvement that can lead to a saving in terms of time thus increasing the performance in the race. In fact, if we add up every single marginal gain applied to the various components of our bicycle, we will realize that in absolute terms we will have obtained a considerable saving of time on performance.

Precisely for this very reason, companies in the cycling sector have invested in research and development to improve their products more and more.

One of the components that concerns us most closely is the P.T.F.E.

What is ptfe?

Ptfe or polytetrafluoroethylene is a white plastic component made up of bricks that contain two carbon atoms and four fluorine atoms.

But what are the main characteristics of PTFE, and why is it used in our lubricants?

With Lube 1 Sprayke wanted to excel in the production of its own lubricants. In fact, Lube 1 has a white color that precisely evokes the presence of ptfe inside.

  • Low thermal transmission coefficient, therefore ideal for moving mechanical parts such as the chain.
  • Non-stick, a feature that gives the chain greater smoothness.
  • Resistance to aging. The ptfe is able to have less deterioration than other elements.
  • Low coefficient of friction.
  • Repellent against humidity and consequently against rust.

Five characteristics that have made p.t.f.e. an absolutely essential element for anyone who wants to make their lubricant a highly competitive product in terms of durability, smoothness and wear resistance thanks to the low coefficient of friction.

The Lubricant with Ptfe Lube 1 can therefore boast in all respects the title of component that contributes to the marginal profit. Lube 1 is suitable both for those who compete in a professional way and for all those who love to take care of their bicycle maniacally.

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